"The Game" Scene is not where it should be.... (Lerpz platformer)

So, here's the issue:

I downloaded the zip file and pdf package from the website. It said it required an updated version of the assets and the like. I waited for the program to update and everything seemed fine. I then followed the pdf and when it said to drag Lerpz into "The Game" Scene, the Scene wasn't in the folder it said it was....Is there a number I can call for support or is there anything else I could do?

I could be mistaken but it sounds like it was asking you to drag it into the "game" tab (as opposed to the "scene" tab) in the editor.

Well, putting Lerpz into the "scene view" isn't the problem, it's finding the "The Game" scene that's the problem. The program recognizes that the scene is there, but when I click to load it, it's like it's not there.