The joystick isnt working in Unity remote 5

The joystick from mobile single stick controls works on my pc but in unity remote 5 it doesnt. The jump button works well but the joystick doesnt.I have an android phone with android version 5.0 on it. I have SDK and my phone’s driver installed on the pc and usb debugging allowed on my phone and an event system in unity. I have searched everywhere and i didnt find anything. Could someone help, thanks alot :slight_smile: (If you need my joystick code just ask and i will give you)

Hello i have the same problem as you, my joystick work fine in unity3d 5.5 editor but not working in mobile device

You may need to directly contact Unity for this problem. Did you download the Android Developer Application, or follow a tutorial exactly? If so, then just Email Unity and they may have a fix.

if you are saying that jump works then there is a problem with horizontal x axis and vertical y axis
.Remember to use the to type joystick axis and mouse x and mouse y and do it with mouse x and mouse y respectively.
your problem is with get axis
i think there might be problem with getting axis etc like (Input.GetAxis(“Horizontal”))

This is for those who are new and want to use easy and built in
click on edit->project settings->input =input manager
Remember in input manager there will be more than one horizon and vertical ,first one on the top is usually for keyboard you can change the type to joystick but i suggest you to keep it unchanged and use the other horizontal or mouse axis for type joystick
if you cant see more than one horizontal or mouse x y then type 18 in the axis to visible others

and if appropriate i will suggest you to make new empty project and import fps character and use Input manager and assign joystick actions or button to find whether they work or not .If it works then there will be problem with your joystick code if you have written i am not sure about that but i will suggest you to use the built in scripts of mouse and keyboard scripts and use input manager ,no hurdle or no stress if you want ,Other wise necessity is the mother of invention