The max_steps parameter keeps going to default

Hello everyone,
I have a problem that most people encounter.

I'm trying to change the max_steps parameter in the configuration.yaml file.
I'm operating in this hierarchy :

I changed the behavior name in the 2 configuration.yaml files.
The max steps set to 10 000 000 as well.

I tried updating the configuration file in command like this :
python -m mlagents.trainers.upgrade_config [old yaml file name] [new file name]
The name of the behavior of each agent in my unity simulation is the same :
But every time i launch the learning process i got these message :
And the max steps in the configuration file in the ppo get reset to 500 000.

When i try to initialise from it, i got this error :

So yes, i'm stuck and don't know what else to do, can you help me please ?

pass the path to the .yaml file in your command line when you run the training

Ok, it's working.
Thank you !