The micro mscorlib saving amount is ?

You can choose to use the micro mscorlib, rather than mscorlib.


The downside is there’s a few libraries you can’t use ( Unity - Manual: Optimizing the size of the built iOS Player )

I built an iOS project with and without mscorlib.

As you can see, the difference is a couple MB only.

Further, when I archived the project to an IPA. Again the difference was about 1mb (perhaps reflecting the 2mb, compressed).

Does everyone agree that the final size saving when using micr mscorlib, is 1 or 2 mb?

That’s on the final IPA file. (It will be very similar in terms of the ultimate size in the App Store.)

Anyone have any detailed experience or knowledge with this? Cheers

Um, the .s files are the dlls converted into arm assembler, so they are much bigger than the Arm machine code that will get incorporated into your build.

Micro mscorlib is just a smaller version of the regular .Net base classes. Maybe micro raises expectations? Note that once XCode has built your project, and you’ve uploaded it to Apple, it’ll get Apple arm encryption. This can increase the binary size of the app significantly, meaning the download size is larger than you expect.