The my assets window in unity shows spinning arrows instead of import buttons

I have 70+ assets. When I click on “my assets” they list, but instead of an import (or update) button, I get a spinning arrow forever. The only way I can import an asset is thru the web-store. (I’ve looked, and yes, they are all in my ~/library/unity/asset-store directory)

If I click on a filter, I get a message that no assets can be found. (Odd, since they all show up in the list, but with a spinner instead of a button.)

Anyone with what setting I’ve screwed up?

(30 minutes later: I completely deleted unity and all folders and caches, and did a complete reinstall, and STILL have the spinning arrow issue.

It it no longer possible to download assets?

Yep: that’s what I said: "The only way I can import an asset is thru the web-store. "

IMHO, the software is broken. That there is a work-around is, er… only a work around.

@tvalleau -Had same problem today. Finally upgraded to newest version, but still had the spinning circles. I then clicked on the Asset Icon on left and clicked on “view full details”. I was able to download the asset from it’s detail page.

My issue is identical and I lucked out finding this thread, but I hoped someone had figured out a solution that didn’t involve manually going to each asset…

Just had this problem too. Can’t add anything new to the OP. Is the Asset Store doing a little change?