The name 'Joystick' does not denote a valid type ('not found')

Hello and good day to all !

I am following a unity tutorial for iOS (Beginning Unity 3D for iOS: Part 2/3 | Kodeco), and I reach at the part where I need to implement the joystick and need to assign the joysticks to actually move and rotate the player.

I insert these two lines and it throws the aforementioned error, which I suggestively enter in title :slight_smile:

var moveJoystick : Joystick; 
var rotateJoystick : Joystick;

Can anyone please help ?

Thanks in advance, Dan.

In that tutorial, Joystick is an external class you need to import (see the beginning of the chapter “Double the Joysticks, Double the Fun”). Once you do that, you won’t get that error anymore :slight_smile:

The simplest solution is to put the Joystick class inside the “Assets/plugins” folder (If you don’t have one create it), now you can call Joystick class from any script.