the object deforms when grabbed

I created a first person test game in which the player is represented by a capsule whose scale is set to 1,2,1 respectively x y z, the problem arises when I grab an object and the latter becomes a “child” of a point on the default player as the “grab” point which in turn is a child of the capsule player, the grabbed object deforms on the y axis as it was influenced by the non-uniform axes of the capsule player, I solved it by setting the player scale but I need the player to be higher so how can I make sure that the grabbed object is not affected by the palyer scale? I don’t know if I explained myself, my English isn’t that great … take it with google translate XD

in general the best way to solve this is to have your player transform which then only contains logic (scripts) - this then has a 1,1,1 scale. Then you can add childs as you like - e.g. one 1,2,1 scaled child with colliders/visuals.

Then you can have another child of your player transform which is a grabbed object. This way you don’t have to deal with child scaling if you keep this seperated cleanly.