The object of type 'GameObject' has been destroyed but you are still trying to access it.

I am matching a match-3 game where tiles randomly swap positions with each other and I keep getting the error:
MissingReferenceException: The object of type ‘GameObject’ has been destroyed but you are still trying to access it.
Your script should either check if it is null or you should not destroy the object.
Main.FindMatch (UnityEngine.GameObject[,] cells) (at Assets/Scripts/Main.cs:191)
Main.Update () (at Assets/Scripts/Main.cs:133)

Once this error is thrown no more matches can be made so even if three of the same tiles are next to each other it won’t register as a match. I have no idea what is being destroyed and I’m confused about why the error is referencing three different lines in my script - lines 191, 133, and the FindMatch method “private ArrayList FindMatch(GameObject[,] cells)”

beginning of code with variables and method that shuffles the tiles around

    public GameObject _indicator;//The indicator to know the selected tile
	public GameObject[,]  _arrayOfShapes;//The main array that contain all games tiles
	private GameObject _currentIndicator;//The current indicator to replace and destroy each time the player change the selection
	private GameObject _FirstObject;//The first object selected
	private GameObject _SecondObject;//The second object selected
	public GameObject [] _listOfGems;//The list of tiles we cant to see in the game you can remplace them in unity's inspector and choose all what you want
    public GameObject _emptyGameobject;//After destroying object they are replaced with this one so we will replace them after with new ones
	public GameObject _particleEffect;//The object we want to use in the effect of shining stars 
	public GameObject _particleEffectWhenMatch;//The gameobject of the effect when the objects are matching
	public bool _canTransitDiagonally = false;//Indicate if we can switch diagonally
    public int _scoreIncrement;//The amount of point to increment each time we find matching tiles
    private int _scoreTotal = 0;//The score 
    private ArrayList _currentParticleEffets = new ArrayList();//the array that will contain all the matching particle that we will destroy after
  	public AudioClip MatchSound;//the sound effect when matched tiles are found
	public int _gridWidth;//the grid number of cell horizontally
	public int _gridHeight;//the grid number of cell vertically

	public bool MovingTiles = false;

	int x1, y1, x2, y2;
	// Use this for initialization
	void Start () {
		//Initializing the array with _gridWidth and _gridHeight passed in parameter
		_arrayOfShapes = new GameObject[_gridWidth, _gridHeight];
		//Creating the gems from the list of gems passed in parameter
		for ( int i = 0; i <= _gridWidth-1; i++){
			for ( int j = 0; j <= _gridHeight-1; j++){
				var gameObject = GameObject.Instantiate(_listOfGems[Random.Range(0, _listOfGems.Length)] as GameObject, new Vector3(i, j, 0), transform.rotation) as GameObject;
				_arrayOfShapes[i,j]= gameObject;
		//Adding the star effect to the gems and call the DoShapeEffect continuously
       InvokeRepeating("DoShapeEffect", 1f, 0.21F);

		if (MovingTiles == false)
		InvokeRepeating ("Shuffle", 1, Random.Range(1,2));
		else if (MovingTiles == true)
		CancelInvoke ();
	void Shuffle ()
		x1 = Random.Range(0, _arrayOfShapes.GetLength(0));
		x2 = Random.Range(0, _arrayOfShapes.GetLength(0));
		y1 = Random.Range(0, _arrayOfShapes.GetLength(1));
		y2 = Random.Range(0, _arrayOfShapes.GetLength(1));

		Vector3 temp = _arrayOfShapes[x1, y1].transform.position;
		_arrayOfShapes[x1, y1].transform.position = _arrayOfShapes[x2, y2].transform.position;
		_arrayOfShapes[x2, y2].transform.position = temp;

		GameObject temp2 = _arrayOfShapes[x1, y1];
		_arrayOfShapes[x1, y1] = _arrayOfShapes[x2, y2];
		_arrayOfShapes[x2, y2] = temp2;


here is the area of code that is referenced in the error

   {var Matches = FindMatch(_arrayOfShapes); //line 133

		//If we find a matched tiles
        if (Matches.Count > 0 )
		{//Update the score
			_scoreTotal += Matches.Count * _scoreIncrement;
            foreach (GameObject go in Matches) {
				//Playing the matching sound
				//Creating and destroying the effect of matching
                var destroyingParticle = GameObject.Instantiate(_particleEffectWhenMatch as GameObject, new Vector3(go.transform.position.x, go.transform.position.y, -2), transform.rotation) as GameObject;
              	Destroy(destroyingParticle, 1f);
				//Replace the matching tile with an empty one
				_arrayOfShapes[(int)go.transform.position.x, (int)go.transform.position.y] = GameObject.Instantiate(_emptyGameobject, new Vector3((int)go.transform.position.x, (int)go.transform.position.y, -1), transform.rotation) as GameObject;
               //Destroy the ancient matching tiles
            _FirstObject = null;
            _SecondObject = null;
			//Moving the tiles down to replace the empty ones
			DoEmptyDown(ref _arrayOfShapes);
   //If no matching tiles are found remake the tiles at their places
        else if (_FirstObject != null
                 && _SecondObject != null
			//Animate the tiles
            DoSwapMotion(_FirstObject.transform, _SecondObject.transform);
			//Swap the tiles in the array
            DoSwapTile(_FirstObject, _SecondObject, ref _arrayOfShapes);
            _FirstObject = null;
            _SecondObject = null;
	//Update the score
	(GetComponent(typeof( TextMesh))as TextMesh).text = _scoreTotal.ToString();

// Find Match-3 Tile
private ArrayList FindMatch(GameObject[,] cells)  //method being referenced in GameObject error??????
{//creating an arraylist to store the matching tiles
    ArrayList stack = new ArrayList();
	//Checking the vertical tiles
    for (var x = 0; x <= cells.GetUpperBound(0); x++)
        for (var y = 0; y <= cells.GetUpperBound(1); y++)
            var thiscell = cells[x, y];
			//If it's an empty tile continue
            if ( == "Empty(Clone)") continue;
            int matchCount = 0;
            int y2 = cells.GetUpperBound(1);
            int y1;
			//Getting the number of tiles of the same kind
            for (y1 = y + 1; y1 <= y2; y1++)
               if (cells[x, y1].name == "Empty(Clone)" || != cells[x, y1].name) break;  //other line referenced in error
			//If we found more than 2 tiles close we add them in the array of matching tiles
            if (matchCount >= 2)
                y1 = Mathf.Min(cells.GetUpperBound(1) , y1 - 1);
                for (var y3 = y; y3 <= y1; y3++)
                    if (!stack.Contains(cells[x, y3]))
                        stack.Add(cells[x, y3]);

i think this is more of a link error
check if any other gameobject in the scene is trying to use the components of the go(GameObject) or destroyingparticle(GameObject) being destroyed

if there are then just add a condition that if these gameObjects==null dont try and access these

→ Here is an example below the vector3 velocity depends on the PlayerTank position thus if the PlayerTank is destroyed the console gives me the same error as u get

→ Thus b4 i do anything i check if(PlayerTank!=null) then only then execute further

// Update is called once per frame
void Update ()
if (PlayerTank != null) {
float dist = Vector3.Distance (transform.position, PlayerTank.position);

					//Movement Translation
					Vector3 direction = PlayerTank.position - transform.position;
					direction.Normalize ();
					Vector3 velocity = direction * Time.deltaTime;

					//Movement Rotation
					Quaternion rotate = Quaternion.LookRotation (PlayerTank.position - transform.position);
					transform.rotation = Quaternion.Slerp (transform.rotation, rotate, Time.deltaTime * damp);

					if (dist <= 20) {
							Control.Move (velocity * 0);
					} else {
							Control.Move (velocity * movespeed);


					if (dist <= F_range) {

							FireBullet ();