The Package Manager search is confusing and broken

I was using 2020.1b and searching for the Unity Terrain Tools Sample Asset Pack. I got a lot of search results, but not what I was searching. Actually at first I thought the search was broken because it didn't list all:

5584048--576709--terrain package manager.png
It just stopped inbetween. I didn't even search for those assets. I searched something different. Then I went to the store page and searched and found what I was looking for. So I searched again. And then I noticed the bottom line with the "Load next" ...

I'd prefer to search the header of an asset and have advanced search in content optional if the search is that slow that you have to use "Load next".

Another issue is that I want to search for a publisher, e. g. import all NatureManufacture assets. That doesn't work at all:

Whatever "All 14 packages shown" means ...

I copy/pasted the search term into the asset store website search and there everything was listed, i. e. not a typo at my end.

Then I searched for SpeedTree:


"All 5 packages shown" ... I see only 1 listed. So I thought maybe the others are filtered and clicked "Packages: All" now it shows nothing at all:



[quote=“Rowlan”, post:1, topic: 780555]
I’d prefer to search the header of an asset and have advanced search in content optional if the search is that slow that you have to use “Load next”.
This came up during 2019.3 beta already:

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The whole load next or load more is driving me crazy


@Rowlan I've reported (or complained about?) all of those things in a private conversation with various Unity staff over the past couple of months. What I've concluded is that Unity doesn't do any UAT let alone have any staff test to see if My Assets is working. Otherwise how the heck can these things not be fixed for months on end, even after the issues have been reported? It just doesn't make sense. And if any testing is done, then it's probably done on an account that has 5 purchased assets... so there's no one at UT to experience the pain that customers who own a lot of assets have to endure.

I even made a bunch of helpful suggestions as to how some of the UAT could be done. Including stuff along the lines of: "Get 10-20 users to change the sort order to show the latest updates first. Then count how many of them clicked on 'Updated Date' with the down arrow next to it and how many clicked on 'Updated Date' with the up arrow next to it. If more than 20% of your users get it wrong, consider rethinking the UI." :-)


fyi, I created a bug report, Case 1228596

Support already replied with:

We have investigated your issue and decided it is not a bug. When you are searching for a "tree" in Package Manager nothing will be found because there are no packages with "tree" word in the name that can be found in Package Manager. For other packages if you are having trouble finding them try enabling preview packages, to do so in Package Manager press on Advanced and check "Show preview packages".

But I beg to differ, and replied, ticket is still open. Maybe someone here can insist on this being fixed. Fully functioning search is one of the most important things in every application.

In the end it actually shows search result navigation, but the content panel shows "No results for "tree"". Also I don't expect to have to enter "tree" again every time I switch the package filter, especially when "tree" is already available in the search bar.


that and all the transition animations
i think that the web programmers which were handling services started touching the editor
please no

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fyi, Unity could reproduce the problem and there's a ticket now:

This isn’t a problem Unity should “reproduce”. It’s a problem Unity should know about BEFORE we do, because of diligent testing. I’d say that’s actually the bigger problem.

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Hello! Thanks for reporting. The fix has been made, now all the assets should be shown.