The player disappears in the air

When i test the game with the unity editor, everything is ok. But when I use this script at start to make a small introduction video (it disables the player and the main camera for 3 seconds, and then it enables them again), the player makes a long “jump” into the air, and stays there. Why?

function Start () { = false; = false; = true;
	yield WaitForSeconds (secondstowait); = true; = false; = true;


Had this behavior when I had two colliders on the same gameObject. Make sure you don’t have that (on the Gameobject or in the GameObject’s hierarchy).

You say that this happens only if you deactivate the player for the intro. What if you don’t deactivate the player ?

If your playerobject has multiple childrens, maybe you should use SetActiveRecursively(true) and SetActiveRecursively(false) to activate/deactivate the player object.