The player slips when he dies from the enemy

Hi, I’m making a 2d game, basically when the enemy hits the player he has to die, standing still and the controls don’t go. I have a problem, I can’t understand why but once the player is dead he slips and continues to slide indefinitely. How can I make him stay still? thank you
If you can help me, I’ll pass the code to you if needed.

[RequireComponent(typeof(Rigidbody2D), typeof (CapsuleCollider2D), typeof(Animator))]
public class PlayerController : MonoBehaviour
    public static class GlobalVariables{
     public static bool isAlive = true;

    [SerializeField] FixedJoystick _joystick;
    [SerializeField] float _moveSpeed;
    [SerializeField] Vector2 deathKick = new Vector2(20f, 20f);
    Animator anim;
    Transform transf;
    CapsuleCollider2D myBodyCollider;
    Rigidbody2D myRigidbody;

    private void Start() {
        anim = GetComponent<Animator>();
        transf = GetComponent<Transform>();
        myBodyCollider = GetComponent<CapsuleCollider2D>();
        myRigidbody = GetComponent<Rigidbody2D>();
    public void Attack(){
        anim.SetBool("attack", true);
  private void FixedUpdate() {
      if(!GlobalVariables.isAlive) {return; }


    void run(){
        if(!GlobalVariables.isAlive) {return; }
        myRigidbody.velocity = new Vector3(_joystick.Horizontal * _moveSpeed * Time.deltaTime, _joystick.Vertical * _moveSpeed * Time.deltaTime, myRigidbody.velocity.y * Time.deltaTime);

    void flipAnim(){
        if(!GlobalVariables.isAlive) {return; }
        if(_joystick.Horizontal > 0){
            anim.SetBool("run", true);
            transf.localScale =  new Vector3(_joystick.Horizontal < 0 ? 1 : 0.1751192f, 0.1842967f, 0.2667874f);
        } else if(_joystick.Horizontal < 0 ) {
            anim.SetBool("run", true);
            transf.localScale =  new Vector3(_joystick.Horizontal > 0 ? 1 : -0.1751192f, 0.1842967f, 0.2667874f);
        } else {
             anim.SetBool("run", false);

    void Die(){
            GlobalVariables.isAlive = false;
            myRigidbody.velocity = deathKick;

From what I see, unless I’m missing it, in your Die method you are setting your players velocity to deathKick, but I don’t see where that velocity is being removed. Also, nothing I see sets GlobalVariables.isAlive back to true after so run wouldn’t be called which looks like it would change the velocity again.