The referenced script on this Behaviour (Game Object 'StaticLightingSky') is missing! (HDRP Downgrade)

Hey, I’m encountering a little issue with my project :

I’ve reticently tried working with the HDRP, but I’ve realized after the fact that it was a little too much so I’ve downgraded my project to LWRP. After that, I’ve upgraded my project to Unity 2019.3 and so, made the transition to URP (which is the old LWRP now available by default if I understood correctly).

But since I’ve done all of that, I have two exceptions showing in the console every-time I spawn a new camera, which are :

  • The referenced script (Unknown) on this Behaviour is missing!
  • The referenced script on this Behaviour (Game Object ‘StaticLightingSky’) is missing!
    I guess those are leftovers from my trials under HDRP (since “StaticLightingSky” are HDRP elements), but I can’t find any missing scripts in my objects.
    It doesn’t break the project in any way and I can continue to work and play. But it’s annoying, since it take so much space in the console.

So i was wondering if you people have a way to find the faulty objects so I can correct/remove them (or an idea of which objects can be faulty).

Thanks in advance.

Okay so I found the issue :
It was some Point lights placed during my tests with HDRP but that I had forgot to remove (and that had missing script).
Also it seems (still stress testing at the moment) to have fixed random crash I had on editors and standalone (when working on lights and baking) (linked to PROCESSSHADOWCASTERNODEVISIBILITYANDCULLWITHOUTUMBRA in the crash log apparently).

Good to know : if when double clicking a warning/error in the console after stopping the game will do nothing, pausing and clicking will actually send you to the gameobject concerned.

My mistake was that I was always trying to investigate after stopping the game, and not during its execution.

Solution: ctrl+shift+f in your code editor (rider, vscode etc.) to search globally for StaticLightingSky. You will find a reference in a scene file. Remove these lines of code