The right time to kill an interstitial?

Hi. When is it the right time to destroy an interstitial ad in Google Mobile Ads Unity Plugin?

The docs say:“It is important to explicitly destroy the interstitial before letting it go out of scope so that it can be properly released by the plugin.”

Should the interstitial ad be destroyed right after it shows? when it is clicked? or when about to be closed?

Any thoughts? Thanks.

Ok it seems that destroying an interstitial ad depends on how you are referencing the ad. If it is a member of a monobehaviour class,then it should be destroyed when the script is destroyed , for example when loading a new level, just make sure to add the OnDestroy() function to your script and call interstitial.Destroy() inside it. If the interstitial is a local variable inside a certain function,then you should call interstitial.Destroy() before leaving the function.