The roll a ball script isn't working

I am following the roll a ball tutorial as I am new to unity. When I try to play the game after doing the player movement script it sais all compiler errors have to be fixed. The bottom of unity sais, “Assets/Scripts/PlayerController.cs(4,14): error CS0101: The namespace global::' already contains a definition for PlayerController’” I’m assuming I’m supposed to know how to fix it by that message but I have no clue how. I followed the tutorial typing what it said to type. I tried renaming everywhere that sais PlayerController and even deleting it but that just caused more problems.

You had 2 scripts called “PlayerController” for some reason, which caused Unity to freak out because it didn’t know which one you were talking about (in layman’s terms).

Here’s the error:
It’s the PlayerController script. I’ve selected Player in the hierarchy window, and when looking in the Inspector window, the scripts part does not have the Text and Win Text there, just Script - PlayerController. There is this error message:

! The associated script can not be loaded. Please fix any compile errors and assign a valid script.

What are compile errors? Please help!

After creating a new script and changing some words I eventually got it to work. I’m not even completely sure what the problem was but it’s solved now. I even changed all the terms back to what I originally had them as (what the tutorial sais to have them as) and it still works.