The scale of my object after parenting to a moving platform


I am trying to make it so when my ball object rolls on to my moving platform its scale isn’t changed. Here you can see that i have layered my hierachy so the empty game object has my moving script followed by an empty that has a mesh filter on it scaled to 1 by 1 by 1 and finally the actual platform parented to that.

The balls original scale in 0.3 0.3 0.3 however whenever it moves on the platform it goes to this scale. 40508-2.jpg

Please how can i stop this from happening!



Hi, i had the same problem whit my 3d game. When ever the player ( in this case a sphere) was colliding whit the moving platform and parreting to it the scale goes mental and dos all kind og weird things.

I have bin seartching all over the net and the forum here to look for the right awnser or solution. And manny of the solutions didint work or like the one above are totaly unneserary…

There is no need to chance the hiargy layout or to add more code to solve this problem.
After alot of seartching and finaly some help of a friend i finaly found the right awser to this problem.

So here it is.

The scale of the 2 objects should always be the same. Best to keep scale (1,1,1). In my case the platform had a scale of (3.5,3.5,0.30) and the player object had a scale of (1,1,1) When the player gets parrent to the platform is scales to the platforms scale…

The problem is actualy a model mistake. Keep the 2 objects in the same scale (best 1,1,1) and there is no problem at all and everything will work just fine.

I realy feld i needed to share this as i saw alot of the same questions about this and i could not find the right awser in there. so here it is now :slight_smile:

Enjoy !! And keep making awsome games !!

I have the same issue. I know scale 1,1,1 will fix it but to me this behaviour looks like a bug.
In these circumstances having option to change scale is quite useless as it will bring us more disadvantages than advantages.
My current problem is the player object scales up like crazy when interacting with platform and its child object. The scale almost continously grows up when changing position between those 2 objects (platform and its child) as this always triggers onCollisionEnter where I do the parenting.
Yes I can probably fix it by either set everything to scale 1,1,1 (I’m currently just prototyping so I just used scaled cube) or setting player’s scale when unparenting.
Anyway this doesn’t satisfy me much as it’s not a clean solution at all.

The size of an object is affected by the size of its parent. Make a code where you scale the spheres current size by the platforms size.

I have also faced this problem. this is a bug in unity 4.6 or up.
Download latest version or download patch release from Unity website 4.6.1p5. In that it is solved.