The scene is empty

Nothing is showing up or rendering in my Scene view. I definitely have objects there and my game works as programmed (but maybe not as expected, haha) once I hit the Play button.

Same problem as Unfortunately the one answer that was given to that follow didn't help me either and he never got back to finish his question.

Unity version is 3.3.0f4

When I have my player selected i do see the wire frame outline(s). GameObjects, when selected, do show up as 2d boxes. With my camera selected, i believe I'm only seeing the far clip field. (so, again, a 2d box cut diagonally in half).

Kinda stuck at the moment without being able to see my scene.

Michael M's answer above worked for me. I had trouble knowing what he meant by "layers drop down tab" as I saw a couple of those (It's my first day using Unity). Anyway I added some annotations to your uploaded image to show what I did to get my scene to show up.

alt text

Make sure that the "default" layer is selected under the layers drop down tab.

I also just had this issue and it wasn’t my layers being on or off. The issue for me was my Draw mode at the top of the scene panel didn’t have anything selected.

Check that tha materials and poly meshes have values in the inspector - Its soulds like what happened to me and unity for some unknowen reason had wiped all data from my objects

it is good thank you