The script does not work the same as it works for the head(main)

Hi! I have this problem, where the head (main player if we can say so) has a script for gravity and etc. but I can’t use the same script for the prefabs when the player eats a sphere ( the game is kind of a classic snake games, except the fact that is on a sphere (Earth) with gravity around the earth). On the head all the commands works well, but on the bodyParts (prefabs) doesn’t. In the pictures, you can see that the bodyPards are falling through the planet, instead of following the head on the same road where the head goes.
alt text

I am not a pro but it doesn’t look like the body parts are children of the head. They are just children of the parent. So maybe try moving them or instantiating them under the “head” object instead of under the “player” object