The Size Of An Object In Inches

Im trying to make a game where the game objects can only move a certain amount of inches within the game world per turn. For right now I will be creating the game using the built in unity game objects like the shperes and cubes. When i create a cube and the scale is x1,y1,z1 what is their sizer relative to real to a real world measurement.

You can make Unity’s units be anything you want. They are tied to real-world units in only two places, gravity and audio doppler. So if you are not using the physics engine, just pick something for Unity’s units to represent…inches, feet, yards. If you are using the physics engine, change gravity from meters per second to inches to second.

 Edit > Project Settings > Physics

If i understand correctly, one unit equals one meter according to unity’s physics engine. You could simply convert your inches to meters so your 1 unit diameter sphere would be 39.3701 inches.

as robertbu said, you could also change the value of Unity’s gravity to be -386,22. You should get an accurate physic behavior representing 1 unit = one inch. I would not recommend it though since you would have to play with extremely large values.

The rest of the world but 3 countries uses the metric system, you should try it too :wink: