the size of my camera always change

when I click the play game button normally every thing is alright.
but when I click the play game button with the “Maximize On Play” option on the camera zoom in a bit and for my game its a big problem, how can I fix it.

normal play

with “Maximize On Play” option on:

Hello is not zooming, the problem is your game wondow is not the same size as ypur full screen.

I believe this is because the aspect ratio changes. Note how wide the Game window is before playing, compared to how tall it is. Then look at the difference after you launch. Also, it appears that there is no vertical “zoom”, as you don’t see anything cut off on the top or bottom during Play mode.

If you click on the dropdown at the top that says “Free Aspect” and instead choose a fixed resolution (like 1920x1080) then it should change so that nothing’s cut off - you’ll instead get letterboxes on one size if the window doesn’t have the exact same aspect as the aspect ratio you chose. If it does zoom in a bit, it’ll be a real zoom that you can control with the Scale slider near that dropdown.