The textures on my terrain are suddenly really low quality.

I'm new at this so the answer will probably be a click of a button, but I can't seem to be able to make my terrain textures good quality. I'm attempting to make a game where you get to choose from several animals and live as them. A huge part of my game would be the scenery, much like Red Dead Redemption. I'm pretty sure that Unity 3.0 is able to make texture like this so I want to stick with Unity if that's the best choice for me. Anyways, could you tell me how to make a high quality texture that would almost match Red Dead's?

hello. I assume you have a texture and you have applied it. if you go to: terrain/paint terrain textures (it's the brush icon) / edit texture / than you see the tile size and tile offset settings/ change the tile size.. if you want more detailed than you probably have to set it lower.

i have mine on 12 by 12.

i hope this should work.