The Thief Classic Demo (even just a comment would be a lot in this tiny project.)

Dear viewers,


Hi, my name is Emman and I'm currently working on this game The Thief Classic, and this is its description, "The story revolves around the thief trapped inside the dungeon looting for coins." And its genre is a platformer as you can see in the image below:

So even if a couple of minutes in playing my game and leaving a feedback or a comment would be very much appreciated. And honestly I just wanted share my game in order to improve my skills in developing games, as well as communicating with other people. Your help would be very much appreciated.


Sorry for my bad English. And this is my first log and I don't know how to create one so I just made it in a letter form.



When I try to pick up the coins, the player gets reset to its initial position?

Try to hover your cursor to reveal the hidden things.

It's got a cool art style, the concept is interesting.

Those floating objects do look like pickup, I think it's a little counter intuitive, maybe they should be hidden completely until the flashlight reveals what's there.

I might recommend adding a flashlight beam graphic, so the player knows that's what's revealing hidden objects, and use that beam instead of the mouse cursor.

Thank you for your valuable feedback. I'll definitely make these improvements as soon as possible.

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wee, controls are good, sounds are nice, graphics could be better but still, I like them. But game lacks a tutorial. as said before a flashlight beam and maybe a on sentence hint about revealing hidden objects with a flashlight can make the game much better. I couldn't play it at first closed in frustration and later I saw your comment above and returned the game. and enjoyed.

Thanks, as soon as I'm done with the prototype, I'll add the tutorial.