the return value is very small and Input.getAxis("Mouse X") return zero

I discovered the problem by accident. To solve the problem,I create a project to test. And then I find that in the same project,I set the (Edit->Project Setting → Player) Product Name “EmHome”,it will cause the Time.dletaTime is very small and the Input.getAxis(“Mouse X”) return zero,but when I set the Product Name other string such as “EmHome1”、“HAHA”、“TestTest” the result is correctly. So why the Product Name will cause this? Please Tell me.

The problem not occurs in my computer, it occurs in my friend’s computer.
My friend’s computer system is Windows 10 x64.
The Unity version is 2018.3.12f.

Can’t reproduce that issue. Also your description of your symptomes is quite vague. deltaTime is always very small (in essence it’s always 1/framerate). GetAxis(“Mouse X”) is a delta axis which only returns a non zero value when the mouse has moved between the current and the last frame. Note that “Mouse X” must not be multiplied by deltaTime.

I can change the product name to whatever I want and nothing changes. It is very, very unlikely that the change of the product name causes any functional change. How did you actually come to this conclusion? How many times have you changed the product name back and forth and tested the result? Maybe you did some other changes as well which you didn’t apply yet?

I find that different Product Name wiil cause the different computer V sync is zero.I promise the unity V sync setting is correctly,but when I change the product name,it will make the V sync zero.