The type or namespace name '' could not be found

Hi, I am busy working on an Octo-bouncer project for my work. The build is done through unity but I receive the following errors (see image below). Errors are shown in Visual studio but occur when I open the project with Unity.

I have tried rebuilding the project and still receive the same issues. I have also checked if the scripts are included and the right directories of the project which is correct. When opening the code in Visual Studio I can solve the error “HDPipeline” does not exist by removing it. However, I am stuck with the “volume” and “OverlayComponent” errors which I do not know how to solve. See image below please:

I am confused by these errors because the project was able to be built and run before however that is not the case now with the following errors I receive. I would appreciate any help in solving this issue!

It looks like an issue with the generated visual studio project.
Do you have the Visual Studio package in your project?