The type or namespace name 'Extensions' does not exist in the namespace 'Unity.MLAgents' (are you missing an assembly reference?)

i have installed ml-agents 11 release and mlagents package 1.6 from pakage manager then i am facing this error

Hello,msafyanali123 !

I think I have a solution to your problem. I faced the same problem just 1 hour ago. Been trying to fix it ever since.The fix that I found and worked like a charm for me was to copy the folder .extensions to the unity project. I will brake it down in the following sentence.

Installing ml-agents 11 release seems a little vague to me. You are installing the package and your are placing the repository to your project.To be more specific place the contents of “Project/Assets/ML-Agents” to the project. After that you are faced with couple of errors , one of which is Extensions does not exist in the namespace. Go to the ml-agents release and copy the folder “mlagents.extensions” to the assets.

Greetings from BG
Ivaylo M.