The type or namespace name `OpenCVForUnity' could not be found

I am working on face traching in unity3D

I have downloaded and imported the sample project on “FaceTracker Sample using OpenCV for Unity”.

But when I tried to runned the project,its showing me the error.Below is the screen shot of the error

What will be the issue?can anybody help out please?

I am using unity(5.0.0f4(64 bit))

I guess it’s this asset? Unity Asset Store - The Best Assets for Game Making

The error says it can’t find the type or namespace. Looking at the examples online one can see that the code uses a namespace. That namespace doesn’t exist on your system. The samples depend on other code to be there.

Then there’s this note on the assetstore page for the samples:

The execution of this asset is required “OpenCV for Unity”.

Which I guess is broken English for: You need to buy and import OpenCV for Unity to run the samples.