"The Unity Toolbox"- now taking content submissions!

“The Unity Toolbox” is not another store. That ground is covered well by the Asset Store and many others. However, what about a combined, socially-enabled, web-accessible reference for them all?

(if you like, skip the reading for now and jump straight to the site)
The Unity Toolbox is a site for Unity 3D content creators to share and promote their work, whether 3D models, audio, editor tools, or any other useful content for Unity 3D. In turn, it gives developers a much needed, easily accessible, and singular location to dig through in search of that perfect item for their game or project. As content continues to be submitted, we hope to see the site grow to include everything on the official Asset Store, and many private-seller items as well. Interested? Read all about it HERE!

Now on to the important part-

The Unity Toolbox is ready for real content! Still a few kinks to iron out, but all the features are here and just waiting for content- that’s where you come in, Content Authors!

Remember, The Unity Toolbox isn’t a store itself, just a reference for devs to find, discuss, rate, share, and research all the fine products and services the Unity Asset Store and private sellers have to offer. So there’s no worry about sending over your lovingly-crafted work- all we need from you is descriptive text and glorious images. Head on over to the Submit Content page to get started!

Thanks everyone, looking forward to your feedback on the site and concept, and content submissions of course!

Browsing the asset store from a browser instead of the unity interface is something I was waiting for a long time. Submitting your content doesn't require much work, and you don't send the asset files, just the Unity Asset Store link, so it is totally safe. Highly recommended.

I like it. I do. Good job and I hope people submit their work.

Agree with the above, nice layout - just hope you get the content desired!

Thanks all! Content is coming in well, and should accelerate as people see the social nature take over. That's the real bonus here- you can't click "like" on the Asset Store, but here you can do that, and much more. Might be a simple thing, but the difference it makes for gaining exposure, and to the right crowd, is huge.

Thanks Kalamona, I hope you noticed your work right on the front page of the Facebook page! You, Mr. Nectarus, and "Killst4r" took the plunge ahead of anyone else, with great content, and I really appreciate it. Of course, many others responded, and thanks to those as well- speaking off, I'd better move over and start posting all that content!

This is great. Will submit ASE to this!

I certainly hope this helps get more interest in my Music Asset pack. Thanks for letting us know!

Thanks folks! Just a reminder to everyone, there’s no need to submit your actual content, this is merely a “library” where everyone’s content can be found and socially shared.

Keep it coming!

Nicely done! I hope to see more works submitted.

P.S. I’ve submitted MusicBox PRO :slight_smile:

…and I’ve posted it!


Whoa… That was fast! Thanks!

You're welcome, slmgc! The new "Submit Content" form makes it a snap for me to post content, so it should be a quick and painless for everyone now.

Mega-Fiers and Mega-Shapes are on The Unity Toolbox! Also, some amazing environmental work by Michael O!

Thank you for providing a wonderful alternative to the asset store for browsing what is available, hopefully you will get all the asset authors sending you their details as being able to browse assets outside of Unity is very handy indeed and you have done such a great job on the look and feel of the website.

Thanks SpookyCat, great to hear :) I put a lot of work into making sure the site is super-beneficial to devs, with solid SEO, easy social linking, comments, etc. It's been seriously planned to do the best possible job of promoting everyone's work!

Hi! Thanks for posting my asset. I’ve just wanted to know about your progress with The Unity Toolbox. Any new cool features coming?

Hi slmgc- nothing fancy or new, other than looking prettier in some areas! Still just building content before I go full-scale on the marketing/etc. Thanks!

Amazing! This is perfect to take a look on Asset Store items when I'm using iPad on the road.
However, that big banner slider does not work here, dunno why.

Thanks OUSE Games! I'm posting Hyperview right now, but I think my host might be having some issues- should be live soon :)

Now, just help spread the word so other devs send in their content as well!

PS- Hyperview looks incredibly useful, great tool!

All my local dev friends already know about Toolbox :wink: