The unity tutorial roll-a-ball isn't working

So basically, I just finished tutorial 2 of the “Roll-A-Ball” Unity beginner tutorial, but it won’t work. The guy who is talking says that now the ball will roll, I’ve done everything he said, but it just won’t roll. I copied the tutor exactly and I NEED to be able to code because I’m entering contest with a friend and I can’t let him down! Please help SOON.

I just checked the tutorial again and the code seems outdated. Example: they are using transform.position which doesn’t work anymore in Unity 5! To fix this you’ll need to do something like this:
Transform tr;

tr = GameObject.Find("object").GetComponent<Transform>();

After this you just need to replace the places where transform is used with tr.
So for the example I gave you would do: tr.position.

this also has to be done with everything else like rigidbody or text if the tutorial has that.
Also if the script is attached to the thing you want to get a component from you can also do:

tr = this.GetComponent<Transform>();