The Unity will not open error 0xc000007b

I need help I have a problem with Unity trying to start showing error flag 0xc000007b.
I had previously used Unity without problems but had to reset my computer and after reinstalling Unity the error started. I had the same bug in pes 2015 game but i managed to fix it but with Unity it was not fixed.
Help me please.


Its a windows 10 issues to do with runtime .NET not installed/correctly, check .NET is there

Start > Settings > Apps >

in Related Settings ( mine top right ) Programs and Features

Left Menu > Turn Windows Features on or off

Make sure both .NET are checked

Runtime and .NET files are downloaded from Microsoft

Multiple possible reasons:

  1. Your system is 64bit and trying to run 32bit dlls, here is the link for mfc100.dll, mfc100u.dll, msvcr100.dll, msvcp100.dll, which go into C:\Windows\System32 (link is from this bitdefender site, verify on your own or find your own link if you don’t trust this one, googling for the dlls will suffice)
  2. Simply update your visual studio runtime and try installing .NET framework 3.5