The very simplest, basic Unity tutorial.

Hello all. I'm having trouble following the 3rd Person Platformer tutorial available on the Unity website. I like to start from scratch when learning things, but this tutorial seems to have a plethora of extra features (like variable jump height) that I'm not interested in learning right now.

To cut it short, I just want to know how to move around with a camera that follows the player, with support for slopes and simple gravity. I don't want to mess with a particle system or variable jumping heights or anything like that.

I would start with Tornado Twin's tutorials on Youtube.

yeah Tornado twins gave me a great start and got me into game development.

they will tell you everything you need to know on how to make a game from scratch. here is their link

ok tornado twins IS good but is a little fast paced mostely his (free) tutorial only specifies on a shooter and nothing else, for very VERY basic tutorials I would suggest cannedmushrooms at youtube(dot)com jason(cannedmushrooms) works on showing off everything such as physics, materials, why materials are being used and not textures, AI, animation, and a lot of the inbetween so yes look at both tornadoTwins and cannedmushrooms

Our site, design3, also has many introductory tutorial videos.