The whole YZ mix up from blender to Unity

I’ve searched and searched trust me, I’ve seen many threads with “solutions” and workarounds but I can’t seem to make anything stick. My issue is that I get a model from my modeler and import it into Unity. Unity creates a parent-child tree that looks like “Cannon->armature->CannonBaseBone->CannonGunBone->CannonBarrelBone”. The problem is that Cannon works fine XYZ coords are all fine. Armature and everything below it have their XYZ’s messed up and end up being like YZX. Trying to export with the UP and Forward as anything just ends up rotating the model when I drag it into the scene and then the parts have their XYZ coords set up to be like XYY which doesn’t make sense. I’m really at the end of my rope here, I’m not really a modeler so I’ve not exhausted all of my options since there certainly are people getting around this issue.

This issue breaks any script that might take advantage of “Lookat()” due to the XYZ being all fudged. Any help with this would be great, I’ve put a lot of time into learning Unity and I’d hate to walk away over this one issue.

you mean the rotation differences between blender and unity right? I found a useful add-on if thats the case this should fix all your problems. look for the add-on Unity-Tools.PY on google I use it too fix my rotation problems you should be able to get it working.