there is a problem if i try to activate the ads service

I am new to unity ads,

i followed up this youtube video:

Over the Window -> General -> Services i have installed the Unity Ads Package in Version 4.1.0 to my Project. As Platform Android is selected.

If i go to Project settings → Services → Ads it is disabled, and i can not enable this, i get this tooltip:
you do not have the required permissions to activate or deactivate a service

I have already tried In-App Purchasing and Version Control, on all i got the same error.

I am also logged in, in the unity editor.
I use the unity editor 2022.1.0f1 (DX11) (Personal) on Windows 11 Pro.

What can i do? Is something missing?

I got an anwser from the support:


Thank you for contacting support.

You should be able to use Unity Ads by calling
Advertisement.Initialize(_gameId, _testMode, this);
see Initializing the SDK in Unity
for more specific details.
Regardless of whether or not this setting is toggled.