There is a problem with the character collider getting stuck in the ground collider.

The character consists of several round dots with their own collider and rigid body. These points are interconnected by spring joints and form a jelly-like body. An example is Gish.

And when the colliders touch at high speed, often one of the points falls under the earth’s collider. As I understand it, this is connected precisely with spring joint, but there are no ideas how to solve it.

Maybe the problem is that my earth collider is one big collider created by hand according to the tilemap

I figured out the problem, for this in rigidbody you need to change the type of collision detection, I had discrete (Discrete), which allowed colliders to enter each other between frames. You need to change it to Continuous, here the intersection of colliders is prohibited, they return to the contact position, but more resources are required here.