"There is no box collider attached..." yes, there is!

So I’m trying to enable a box collider through script (it’s disabled at the beggining) and I get this error in the console:

MissingComponentException: There is no 'BoxCollider' attached to the "triggerManoIzquierda" game object, but a script is trying to access it.
You probably need to add a BoxCollider to the game object "triggerManoIzquierda". Or your script needs to check if the component is attached before using it.
ControlDelJefe.Update () (at Assets/my SCRIPTS/enemigos/jefe/ControlDelJefe.cs:56)

but here is the thing: THERE IS A BOX COLLIDER ATTACHED TO THE GAMEOBJECT “triggerManoIzquierda”!!.. why is it not working? this is my code simplified:

private BoxCollider triggerMano_I;
void Awake()

triggerMano_I = GameObject.Find (“triggerManoIzquierda”).GetComponent();


	void Update () 
		<<...if some conditions are met...>>
		triggerMano_I.collider.enabled = true;

All help is appreciated :frowning:

Is there a syntax error here?

triggerMano_I = GameObject.Find("triggerManoIzquierda").GetComponent();

seems like it should be:

triggerMano_I = GameObject.Find("triggerManoIzquierda").GetComponent<BoxCollider>();