There is nothing in the GAME mode and nothing shows when the game is installed.

Hello guys.
I have a problem with my VR game that I’m developing in Unity, so I hope someone can help me. In the SCENE mode everything is OK, the game is great in the PLAY mode too. Unfortunately, there is nothing in the GAME mode. I build the game, I install it on my iPhone and there was nothing (no game objects, no sky, no movement).
What should I do?
Here are some screenshots:

Screenshot by Lightshot - scene mode
Screenshot by Lightshot - when i click play
Screenshot by Lightshot - game mode
Screenshot by Lightshot - screenshot from my iPhone

Thank you.

You have an Android project, why are you playing on iPhone?

Looks like you have another camera in your scene, aside from the VR cameras.
When you start the game in the editor, the VR cameras render on top of it so you don’t see it anymore. Maybe, on your mobile device, VR intialization fails for some other reason, so you continue to see the non-VR-camera.

Okay, the problem is that i was using GvrMain. I installed Unity 5.6.3 and GoogleVR package 1.7 and deleted GvrMain because it doesn’t exist anymore. Now I am using Camera with GvrEditorEmulator.

Now i have Player (empty object) > Camera. Without the “Player” object the game was not working fine.