There is still lines betweeb my tiles even with pixelsnap.

Hello i am currently using 100 ppu(0,01 is 1 pixel).
Anti analising is turned off.

All the tiles are in a tile pallet that has 32x32 and most tiles are bigger cause there is details outside of the tile box, the camera is ortographic and size of the ortohraphic is 1.

here is how it looks.

Here is the tile pallet.

I had pixel snap for a while and i got this problem after i think the tilemap pallet changed due to deleting some tiles that were under 32x32. This is really annoying and stupid. I just wanna work on my game insted of dealing with this crap.

Also another thing to add is that by putting it without pixel snap it will not have thoes lines but they will re apeer when the camera is in motion.