There's gotta be an easier way to access this variable over network!!!

I am working with networking for the first time.

My dilemma is simple. I want a person to be able to change a variable for all players.

Here is a for instance, in the example game, johnny gets to decide how many enemies frank has to fight, i want there to just be one variable that Every player can access.

from my understanding

var : // gives you a variable that can only be accessed from this script

static var : // gives you a variable that can be access from any script

??? var : // gives you a variable that EVERY client can accessed in every script.

does the ??? var exist? Or do i HAVE to use RPC’s. I do not want to yet, this is my first network project and i am still wrapping my head around RPC’s. I would rather go into them later, because if the ??? variable exists then for this game i am set.

Yes. But it is not a special variable type that will let you do this. You just need a game controller object with a NetworkView that observes the script on it and synchronizes its variables- if you change it on one side, it changes it on the other.
You then need to have a reference to the observed game controller script on whatever else needs to change it, using dot notation.

var mcs : MasterControlScript;

mcs.enemiesFrankHasToFight = 34290;