third/first person controller stop work

I’m new to Unity,I’m trying to make a first/third person controller.I have a script which updating the 3rd/1st person controller position.The problem is that after updating the position of the 1st/3rd person controller i can’t move it using keyboard arrows.It stuck and stop moving.My position edit code is:

    		tpc.transform.position =GOcurrentApart.transform.position;

where GOcurrentApart is a gameobject Cube.This also happen when i apply it to my 1st person controller
does any one know why this happened and how to fix it?!

This might work in the update function:

while (true) {
    tpc.transform.position =GOcurrentApart.transform.position;

if it doesn’t then it might be that you’re only giving it one position to go to because there’s no transform.Translate so it will stay in the specified position.