Third person character rotating in a large circle

Heyo, I’m kind of new to Unity and when I make a third person character and insert my model in, I play test it and when I rotate the character, it spins around in a pretty large circle. (Not sure if anyone else encountered this, but if you know any solutions please let me know.)

expand the heirarchy of your character, your model may have a non-zero offset (doesn’t have 0,0,0 for a transform position) from it’s root/parent transform/object. Or, provide screenshots of your expanded hierarchy and inspector/transform settings and that might help to identify the problem if what I just wrote isn’t clear.

Nevermind, fixed it! If you’re having this issue, create an empty game object (gameobject > create empty), then place it exactly where your third person controller is. Once you’ve done that, just make the Third person controller, camera, and the mesh (player) as a child of the game object.