third person control

I.m using the third person control add on. but every time I press the space bar to jump I get the error message;
Button “jump” is not setup. Please select “Update Input Manager” within the Start Window
Opsive.ThirdPersonController.Input.UnityStandaloneInput:GetButton(String, ButtonAction)
Opsive.ThirdPersonController.Input.UnityInput:GetButtonUpInternal(String, Boolean)

any ideas

This is probably because the game input “jump” is not set up as an input in your game.

Go to the toolbar at top left, press Edit > Project Settings > Input and a window with “axes”, “horizontal”, “vertical”, etc. should show up. Find Jump (J is capitalized) and change it to jump (lowercase j). Then, unity will recognize this keyboard or jump command. Or, you can change it to Jump (upper case) in your code.