Third Person Controller and Animations

My problem is that a custom walk animation I have set in the third person controller is not shown.

The animation is imported from a FBX file with the model@walk.fbx structure. I know the animation works, because if I use it as the idle animation it shows. On the other hand, it also doesn’t seem to be an issue with the controller script, as it works fine with the prototype character.

It seems that the animation being played is the one selected in the Animation component (which has ‘Play Automatically’ selected). Any attempts to change the animation from the third person controller work for the prototype character, but not for mine.

I don’t have nor want run and jump animations. With the prototype character I set the walk animation on each of those with no adverse effects. The controller doesn’t turn off animation this way, seeing that there are no log entries in the console from the third person controller script. The relevant line with the CrossFade call is getting called.

Any clues as to where I could look next? Is it more likely an issue with the controller, or with the animation? Something else completely?

I wish I could help. There are many many who have asked this question before and no one ever responds. One would think that Unity would have people watching here - or that they would actually bother to make documentation for their software. They don’t do either, apparently.