Third person controller (fast paced, action RPG, rigidbody)

Hello everyone. I am working on an open world action RPG game. I want to add fast paced action movement system for the player. I wanted to look for a tutorial that makes a controller like that. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any. Well there was a “souls like” series but the playercontroller wasn’t that good IMO… So I wanted to ask you guys if you know any tutorials or examples(codes) for what I am looking for.
The controller will have different states like dash, roll, jump, slide etc. so it should be flexible. (The games that I took as examples were Breath of the wild/ Mario Odyssey/Guild wars2.)
(Btw. it should be rigidbody based and it also should not use root motion.)

Thanks in advance!

I did some research, and I found a blog on Unity talking about 5 different character controllers, the cheapest one being $25, and the most expensive one being $90+. All of these seem to be great 3rd person controllers, but sadly I can’t find any good 3rd person controllers for free that meet your requirements. You could always use the free 3rd person controller made by Unity in their “Standard Assets” package, and build off of that. I also didn’t find any luck looking for advanced 3rd person controller tutorials.

Too save you time, “Complete Physics Platformer Kit by Icarus Studios” is the only rigidbody based controller in that list.

The blog: A spotlight on Asset Store character controllers | Unity Blog