Third Person Controller Movement on Elevated Terrain

Just started using Unity 5, and I love the built-in third person controller. The only problem, however, is that whenever the controller enters an elevated or depressed portion of terrain, it will curve its direction to point to either the left or right; If I press ‘W’, it will go in circles. Is there anyway to remove this? Thanks in advance for the feedback.

The easiest answer I can provide you with, is rebuild your character controller from start. There are a lot of tutorials online that can help you learn. I assume you are new and the best thing to do as a new user is to study study study and watch loads of tutorials.

3DBuzz Has great starter free MMO tutorials. They do concept videos and then writes each line of code. Great bunch of guys. Also youtube their channel, they have a fun 2D tutorial that will teach you how to write your own 2D game from start to finish in Unity.

Once again, loads of tutorials and studying, being a developer is a never ending / learning job. Here is a list of sites I found helpful while starting out with Unity.

Unity Wiki

Burgserg Arcade

Unity Tutorials

One last thing, doesn’t have to be now, but I strongly recommend reading “Programmatic Programmer”. It is a great read, and there is no coding involved. Helps a developer understand the concepts of programming and such.