Third person controller script - model facing wrong way.


I've a character model imported from Max and have applied the Third Person Controller script to it.

All is well with the actual movement of the model on the arrow keys, but the directions that the character model faces are incorrect:

Up key: model faces right

Down key: model faces left

Left key: model faces forward

Right key: model faces backward

Does anybody know how to resolve this, and also why it might have happened in the first place?

Many thanks.

This is a common problem. Create an empty GameObject, make your model a child of it, rotate the model so that it is orientated correctly. Attach the controller script to the (used to be) empty Game Object and move that instead.

Ok, I figured it out.

I grouped my mesh and biped in Max, rotated them so that the Z axis points up, the Y axis extends out the back of the character and the X axis points down the right arm (facing you).

I then ungrouped them and exprted as a .FBX file keeping Z-up in the export options.

This seems to have eliminated the need to parent the model to an empty gameObject and rotate it inside.