Third person controls: Character speed and animation dont match

Hi guys, i could really use some help. Im currently trying to develop an adventure third person game and im a character artist, i dont know anything about scripting. I thought i could produce a trailer in hopes of attracting programmers to work with me and in order to do that, all i needed was the most basic third person controls. I saw many tutorials but could only follow one and its this one: Unity 4.0 - Mecanim Animation Tutorial - YouTube. Ok so i followed it, i successfully rigged and applied animations to my character and i got the controls to work but, as i began playing it, i noticed the animation and the movement of my character are completely off. The character animation speed is quite ok, but the character isnt moving enough foward, its as if he is in a treadmill. I tried messing around with the scrip but i didnt find a way to change the speed of the character, i can only increase movement speed by increasing animation speed and that doesnt work because the animations become super fast and it ultimately bugs out. Please help guys, im sending you a copy of the bot control script im using, it was included in the tutorial, if you can tell me what to do. But please, you guys must realise im not a programmer if there was a simples solution to this it would be so helpful. thanks a lot. link text Im sending a copy of my script and in my inspector i have the following applied to my character: Animator, Rigid Body, Capsulle Collider, and BotCtrlScript, which is the script i just sent here. Thanks a lot for any help.[15881-botctrlscript.txt|15881]

Got no answers but im gonna put the solution i found in the forum here, just in case somebody has the same problems. I deleted my model from the scene, went in to max with the original file, re-scaled the model, ajusted the rig and skin and took it back to unity. It was a trial and error but eventually i got my character in the right dimensions. For some reason changing the scale in unity was messing up my movements and my model was originally too small in unity, even though on max his size was adequate. When i imported it and it was in the right size in my scene, his movements were adequate. This solution might come in handy for people who lack programming knowledge. Hope this helps