Third Person MMO Controler

Andeeee suggests that we post questions here rather than the forum, well this question has got almost no response…
Its an issue I have been struggling with this for 4 days (not consecutively mind you)and have got NOWHERE…
Seeing as having characters in a scene is THE MOST BASIC OF ISSUES in a game, I’m really embarrassed that I cant get it to work!
Please read on (There now follows an EDIT of a few posts from the forum.

Can someone please tell me where the documentation for the Third Person MMO Controller is?

Here is says “Documented and polished to great detail”

Well in the package there is a documentation folder with a PDF for both controllers, but no real instructions.
For example, where to I attach my character model? How do I link it up to the Animations for Idle and Run etc…

I have added my character to the controller, attached my animations. And now when i run, he moves and rotates, and plays the idle animation.
But NOT the run animation.

So I peek at the Viking demo, I notice that Unity have two sneaky extra scripts, the CloseCameraFade (I dont think I have any issues with yes just yet… maybe later) and AnimationController … Aha…I think… and add these two.

Seriously, if this file is important to the system, why no instructions??? Just 2 limited PDFs about the other 2 scripts… that are basically explaining what you see in front of you… wheres the walk-thru?

Soo… I add them,there’s some transforms to add… thats not too complex, (but here I DID still have to pop into Viking demo after every step to see what that transform REALLY was… their root, was my hips, their hub was my spine etc etc… Again… and NO explanation for us nubes…

Still no animations happening when I play…
What IS the work flow here… I have scoured YouTube for tuts… but they are either too crap to understand, or so far away from what Im doing…

Maybe this is common knowledge for the seasoned Unity developer, but then… they wouldnt be using this controller.
please… a walkthru from adding this to a project to having a character run about.

FOUR DAYS I TELL YOU!! Thats how long Ive spent on this…


Regards Mark

OK, Well thanks for attempting to answer the question, but I respectfully suggest that both of you actually read it.

@alucardj Sorry, I think you missed my answer above, where I point out that I DID NOT find any that were helpful, hence why I did not include a link. I look at various tutorials after making a search.
And the screenshot is from the Unity Asset Store, a free addon from Unity that purports to be a MMO character controller. The Viking Game demo is using this controller, and the pacjage installs both this demo and the component. Sorry if you were unaware of it, I thought it was pretty obvious from the screenshot, but maybe I should have grabbed the whole screen… my bad.

@alucardi I have indeed been to all of these pages, but thanks for posting… The controller you are showing is the one that is included in Unity.

I find your post very odd, because your suggestion of using the Third Person MMO Controller, is EXACTLY the item that Im talking about that comes with no documentation as to how to add it.
My question was completely regarding that issue… Yes I have that controller, No I cant get it to work…

SO my question is…

Where is the documentation for the Third Person MMO Controller?
(and I will add)

I do hope I’ve made myself clear now?