ThirdPersonCamera error.

Was trying to figure out how to add a third person controller to a figure I brought into Unity. At one point, I tried dragging a third person camera into the scene. Now I'm getting an error:

Assets/StandardAssets/CHaracter Controllers/Sources/Scripts/ThirdPersonCamera.js(32,12); BCE0018: The name 'ThirdPersonController' does not denote a valid type ('not found').

I've deleted all the game objects fro the hierarchy, but I'm still getting the error because Unity is evidently looking directly into that folder/script in my Project folder.

This is the original Unity 3.1 Standard Assets that I downloaded, however - not a script I wrote myself - so not sure why this would be causing an error.

Can't clear the error and restarting Unity doesn't fix it.

Do I need to start a new Unity project from scratch to get uncorrupted Standard ASsets - and then can I drag my already made scene into that project so I don't lose my work?

Or is there another way to fix this?


I know it’s extremely late, but I just had this exact same issue today. Maybe if someone else comes across this post it will help them.

The Character Controller package did not properly import into your workspace and some of the files are missing. You need to delete the Standard Assets folder from your project manager then go to Assets > Import Package and re-import anything you are using.