ThirdPersonController script won't run in build

I'm using the standard ThirdPersonController script that comes with Unity, and it works fine in the editor, but when I make a build it doesn't work, the character just sits there. I can get the First Person script to work fine.

I have a character that I imported from maya. I added the ThirdPersonController script and the Animation script. When I hit play everything works fine. He runs and jumps and everything like he's supposed to. But when I make a build, none of the controls work. The idle animation plays, but I can't get him to do anything else.

Any thoughts?

hi, once I had the same problem. i my case it was the key bindings in the build settings. take a look there.

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Are you sure you added a "Character Control" Component. if not when you add it it should work. or madey your speed is really slow.

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There is a unity bug , it has happened to me twice No scripts work in build , only the pre-existing ones Solutions:

1: Move around the scripts , place em all into standard assets or somewhere else and generally move around.

2:Reimport everything

3: create a new project and recreate everything

4:reinstall unity , see if custom scripts work , if they dont repeat solution 4 , if they do recreate everything (this worked for me)