I am having some serious problems with bringing an animated character into Unity.

My character comes in, with all the correct textures etc. However the problem is that I am using the thirdpersoncontroller.js from the standard assets and my character only has a walk animation. No idle etc. However no matter what i do i can’t seem to get the thirdpersoncontroller.js to recognise the walk animation on my character and play it when walking.

What i’m asking for is any known issues with doing this that i might be over looking? i’m not sure that it simply isn’t working because i need a run, idle and jump animation for the script to work.

Or, i need a script that makes the character walk with the arrow keys, but also face the direction of it’s walking and smoothly face that direction.

Any ideas?

Well I believe the standard assets come with a run/jump/idle animation so you could try those to see if thats the problem.