"This extension requires one license per seat" - Explain

I know this has been asked half a dozen times but what exactly does the one “license per seat” rule entail. Specifically what I want to know is:

  1. Can I download it multiple times after buying?
  2. Is it bound to the first project it’s imported to?
  3. Is it bound to the first computer it’s downloaded to?
  4. If I move the project from one computer to another or start another project on another computer can the asset be re-downloaded & re-imported?

What you described is usually called a floating license. A per-seat-license is usually bound to a particular license holder. I think the license model for editor extensions can be compared to Unity’s own license model. So you need as many licenses for the extension as you use Unity licenses.

If you use Unity free it’s not that obvious but even the free / personal edition requires a license. That license is free but you still need one to run Unity.

Some examples:

A small team of 5 people using Unity free. Only 3 people actually use Unity, the other 2 are just 2d / 3d artists and don’t actually work with Unity but provide assets for the others. In this case you would need 3 licenses since 3 people work with Unity and the project that contains the extension.

If all in the team are working with Untiy and the project directly each one need a license. So 5 in total.

A team of 3 people using Unity pro. Only 2 people have a Unity pro license. Since it’s not allowed to mix Unity free and Unity pro the third person can’t use Unity unless they purchase another Unity pro license. For the two persons you need also two licenses for the editor extension. If all 3 work with the project you need 3.