This extension requires one license per seat?

I have read this post, but still a little puzzled. Sorry.

I am an indie game developer and I have a Unity Pro license.

For a Unity license I know that I can install Unity on both my notebook and desktop.
“Every paid commercial Unity license allows a single person to use Unity on two machines that they have exclusive use of. Be it a Mac and a PC or your Home and Work machines.” (From Unity FAQ)

But I am confused about “This extension requires one license per seat” in asset store.
Is that same as an Unity license that I can use my purchased asset on both my notebook and desktop? Or one machine only?

“A Per-seat license is a software license based on the number of individual users who have access to the software.” (From Wiki)


There’s a Unity Support question which answers this question…sorta. Basically they are saying there are two cases based on the asset type. Editor Extensions and all other assets:

Editor Extensions (Per the EULA section 2.4) are licensed per computer. For every computer you use, you must purchase an additional seat. This is somewhat different to the regular Unity Seat as that can be used for one developer on up to two computers. See FAQ “How many computers can one seat of Unity be installed on?”

All other Assets (Per the EULA section 2.3) can basically be shared throughout everyone in your company that are physically located together. So you can buy 1 asset and use on however many computers…so long as everyone is physically located together. That’s the key there. If you have 5 teams members and everyone lives in a different country, it seems you will need to buy the asset 5 times. This is somewhat of a gray area. What defines physically together? Same building? Same city? Same state?

The Unity per-person license, and the idea of per-seat licenses, are fundamentally incompatible. So IMHO, “per-seat-license” by itself means nothing, without some Unity-specific definition.

If probably means that you have to buy it once for each Unity license it will be used with. For many things, that makes no sense. Say you have 5 people on a project, which uses bought animal models. All 5 are automatically using the animals, even though maybe only the animator is directly “using” them.

So probably is a requirement only for certain EditorScripts, where it would make sense (only the animator would want or need the animation editorScript package.)

A real per-seat license is for software owned by a company. It’s a limit to how many people, any random people, are allowed to use it at the same time (even if you have more copies installed, or the machine running it could easily handle many more users.)

Does it not by chance mean per game, like one licence per end result :slight_smile: